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  • Beyond Proposing And Accepting


    What is he proposing to her for their marriage?

    What is she accepting to agree to marry him?

    This book is a REFORM that offers contrary prescriptions to usual custom; to challenge you, to change your perception and how you operate, and help you be the best of yourself.

    Ato addresses a mostly overlooked but important aspect of preparing for marriage: the PROPOSAL. Instead of fruitfulness and bliss, a wrong start can spell doom and gloom with frustrations ahead. Learn to do right from the start. There may be no perfect marriages, but yours can work PERFECTLY. In desiring a blissful marriage, this guide inspires a Man to give a detailed proposal to his prospective wife. It inspires a Woman to ‘only accept the proposal that is best for us’ in our intended marriage.

  • beyond school

    Beyond School


    Train up a child in the way he should go as the Bible reveals is beyond showing a

    child what is right or wrong. This book uncovers that every child is born with innate abilities for

    specific purposes. It is the mandate of the home and society that receives the child to unearth

    these unique potentials and train the child to walk in the purpose for which they are born.

    Surprisingly, our schools have not helped much. Instead of helping to unleash potentials and

    developingchildrenfortheirpurposesinlife,theschoolratherdivertsthem and pushes on them

    what they haven’t been built for. People complete even higher forms of education and live

    unfulfilled lives till death. This book has detailed the way to find real joy and peace in walking in

    higher places of success according to your innate calling. Knowledge in this book will lead you

    in the path to accomplish true success.

  • CYSN Hymnal.


    Songs of Grace and Life
    You will attest to one fact. These are not mere songs to tickle your emotions. They were birth straight from the womb of divinity.

    Go ahead now and have a taste of glorious truth, laced with rhythmic…

  • develop your craft

    Develop Your Craft


    ‘Craft’ is an activity involving a skill that uses the hands (and mind). One definition says ‘craft’ is the skills required for a particular activity. Everyone has a gift or gifts. There is an untapped potential in you. It could be drawing, singing, poetry, writing, etc. Know the keys to developing your craft and be mindful of the hindrances to achieving them. Minister Kofi Adjei makes it simple in guiding you on how you can develop your potentials and ensure a bright future for yourself and humanity.

  • Inspiration for purpose

    Inspiration For Purpose


    This book highlights major challenges and changes young people go through and the need to understanding them to effectively finding solutions to them. It focuses on the need to fulfill purpose and why we go through some challenges to prepare us for the ultimate price which is success.

    And understanding that challenges are one of the major strategies to boost your knowledge, wisdom, and strength. This book, prepares the mind of young people about what to expect in the growth process and having ideas on the best ways to handle them. It gives parents a more realistic explanation to guide their wards to living a better and more fulfilling life.

    It is a growth manual of guidance for everyone. It is a must read

  • Is it the whole Truth?


    “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This book is an Awakening Reform for all mankind to be alive to the abundant love of our Maker, which has been shrouded in constant fear, threats, deception and religious programming. We must be our best selves to freely worship YAH in spirit and in truth. We must not overlook the importance of living a full life of love for self and neighbours, including nature. Instead of bliss, we have been conditioned to live in fear of doom and gloom with groaning frustration ahead. Learn to live in the light of YAH. Be agitated to find the truth and live as free as the Universe intends for humanity.

  • My Mission My Vision


    Education is the key to success, agreed. If Education is the key and success is the room, then which is the door? Read
    MY MISSION MY VISION to find this door and many more!
    It is a self development book covering areas such as SELF-IDENTITY, EDUCATION and JOB CREATION that helps the reader to decode his/her talent, fallow his/her dreams and to start his/her own business.

  • The Invisible Black Brain


    On 4th August 2021, several thousand protesters marched in Ghana’s capital Accra under the slogan “Fix The Country”. Dressed in red and black, they chanted patriotic songs and waved placards declaring several statements.

    During these periods I asked myself, “who are they referring to fix the country? Was the country already a fixed one that demands restoration?” After careful thought, I decided to write this book to expound on what needs to be fixed first.

    Ghana is great, and Africa is great. We have an even still have all it takes to be the greatest continent in this world. From our culture and traditions, natural resources, great talents, and historical background, we can see that nature blessed us freely. We were endowed with innate greatness. But sadly, there was a great thing absent, a great thing. Something was not right with the people and so upon all that we were gifted with, we couldn’t make anything worthwhile from them. Something was absent: the right mentality, the right mind, the white mind.

    As an African, I strongly believe it’s about time we have to realize and understand certain things; they might not sound good or sweet to our ears, but if we all can testify within us that what has been said is very true of us, then, I believe we are a step closer to making ourselves a better people. We need to pause, find the things in us that draws us back, and get rid of them other than trying to justify ourselves as better or perfect people.

    This book is meant to make us conscious of what it means to have a black mind and how it, in the long run, affects national development and our own progress. As a weak student in mathematics, if you are able to realize you are weak in mathematics, you will think of finding out who is better than you in mathematics; then you will definitely want to know why it is so. Accepting that you are weak and not good like the other good student is the first step to being better. You then have to find out what makes him better than you: is it because he spends more hours studying and solving more questions in mathematics? Is it because he makes a lot of notes in class? Or is it because he pays abrupt attention during mathematics class? After knowing what makes the difference, you are then just a step away to being like him!!!

    We have to realize we are a setback as compared to those highly developed nations. We have to realize they are far better than us in terms of technological advancement, national development, a mature and sophisticated economy, GDP, diverse industrial and service sectors, and many others. This is a fact we all know. If then, we need to find out why it is so. And that is all the purpose of this book: to make us realize and accept that we have to work on ourselves as individuals, as a family, as a society, as a nation and as a continent.

    This book is not meant to criticize or discriminate against Blacks, but to talk about what it means to have a ‘black’ mentality, NOT a Black skin. Having a black mindset is not only associated with Black people or Africans, no! You can be a person with a White person but have a black mentality. The tone of the writer might sound aggressive but not for that purpose. The main purpose of this book is to expound on how some people think and how it in the long run affects them in terms of everything they do. This book is never meant to instigate racism; I personally don’t assent to racism; each person is equally important. Every human being is important and should be treated equally and fairly, irrespective of color, race, religion, beliefs, and roots. There isn’t any form of racism in sport and see how beautiful it is. Racism is never a good thing.

    After reading you will know what it means to have a black mentality or how a black minded person thinks and live their life. The Black Mind is yet to be unfold.

  • The Power of Imagination


    In this amazing book THE POWER OF IMAGINATION, ABRHAM AJIBOYE shares the insights and the truth THE HOLY SPIRIT has taught him through the years and have a Better understanding of GOD’s power while you discover. How To use your imagination His testimony. The imagination of our LORD JESUS CHRIS And many more…

  • the power of taking steps

    The Power of Taking Steps


    You cannot fulfill your dreams without making any effort,
    this book will empower you to make courageous decisions to fulfilling your purpose in life without holding back.
    As you read, may you be empowered to conquer that fear and move to your next level in life.

  • walking-in-your-exalted-position

    Walking In Your Exalted Position As a Believer


    Christians, by virtue of our association with Jesus Christ, have been exalted to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places. This position is what I call an “exalted position”. We have been raised together with Jesus to a higher position; we sit together with him in the heavenly places. We must be aware and conscious of this exalted or elevated position so that we can walk in it. Hence the title for this book: “Walking in Your Exalted Position as a Believer”.
    Paradoxically, many believers are ignoramuses so far as their exalted position in Christ is concerned. Such Christians have settled for mediocrity and given up the fight. Ignorance has reduced generals and giants in the Lord to cowards and mediocres who shrink in the face of any challenge instead of rising above their conditions.
    To combat the antagonism and hostility of the world against us, we must be aware of the resources at our disposal. Appropriation of your exalted position in Christ is crucial to your ability to stand in times like these.
    Enclosed herein are the nine (9) elements of the believer’s exalted position in Christ which is received by grace through faith as part of our salvation package and which must be utilized for our benefits.

  • Wisdom For Living Devotional


    Wisdom is pivotal in the journey of success and in the fulfillment of one’s of destiny

    My heart desire is to see as many young people possible pursue wisdom and escape the errors of our fathers. The older men gained wisdom through experience but no longer have enough time to live by it ,On the other hand, The younger generation lacks wisdom but may have some time to change the situation.

    Inside every young person is an old person depending on the young person to always do what is right, so the old person can live without regrets. Whatever you are doing today is actually doing something to your future. The FUTURE is not a mystery, The FUTURE is a REPLY!This book will Serve as an inspiration, Instruction and Light unto your path to make the right choices for your life on daily basis

    I want to encourage you to give maximum time and attention to reading this book and I know you would be blessed.