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  • Beyond Proposing And Accepting


    What is he proposing to her for their marriage?

    What is she accepting to agree to marry him?

    This book is a REFORM that offers contrary prescriptions to usual custom; to challenge you, to change your perception and how you operate, and help you be the best of yourself.

    Ato addresses a mostly overlooked but important aspect of preparing for marriage: the PROPOSAL. Instead of fruitfulness and bliss, a wrong start can spell doom and gloom with frustrations ahead. Learn to do right from the start. There may be no perfect marriages, but yours can work PERFECTLY. In desiring a blissful marriage, this guide inspires a Man to give a detailed proposal to his prospective wife. It inspires a Woman to ‘only accept the proposal that is best for us’ in our intended marriage.

  • beyond school

    Beyond School


    Train up a child in the way he should go as the Bible reveals is beyond showing a

    child what is right or wrong. This book uncovers that every child is born with innate abilities for

    specific purposes. It is the mandate of the home and society that receives the child to unearth

    these unique potentials and train the child to walk in the purpose for which they are born.

    Surprisingly, our schools have not helped much. Instead of helping to unleash potentials and

    developingchildrenfortheirpurposesinlife,theschoolratherdivertsthem and pushes on them

    what they haven’t been built for. People complete even higher forms of education and live

    unfulfilled lives till death. This book has detailed the way to find real joy and peace in walking in

    higher places of success according to your innate calling. Knowledge in this book will lead you

    in the path to accomplish true success.

  • CYSN Hymnal.


    Songs of Grace and Life
    You will attest to one fact. These are not mere songs to tickle your emotions. They were birth straight from the womb of divinity.

    Go ahead now and have a taste of glorious truth, laced with rhythmic…

  • develop your craft

    Develop Your Craft


    ‘Craft’ is an activity involving a skill that uses the hands (and mind). One definition says ‘craft’ is the skills required for a particular activity. Everyone has a gift or gifts. There is an untapped potential in you. It could be drawing, singing, poetry, writing, etc. Know the keys to developing your craft and be mindful of the hindrances to achieving them. Minister Kofi Adjei makes it simple in guiding you on how you can develop your potentials and ensure a bright future for yourself and humanity.



    A kọ iwe yii pẹlu itọsọna ẹmi mimọ. Opin “ika aye atọwọda” ti sun mọ itosi. Aye ipilẹ yii jẹ afihan bi Ọlọrun ṣe fẹ ka gbe lori ilẹ. Pataki ọmọ eniyan ni ko mu ki ohun gbogbo ti Ọlọrun da tubọ buyi si i, eleyii ki i ṣe nipa ti owo o bi ko ṣe lati gbe igbesi aye to ń tan ayọ ati idunnu kari ohun gbogbo. Itọsọna fun idapada aye si bo ṣe wa nipilẹ yii mẹnu ba gbogbo isọri ti a fi ń gbe aye wa – latori eto oṣelu, to fi mọ eto ọrọ-aje, titi dori ijamba awujọ to dorikodo ti gbogbo aye ti ń jiya labẹ ẹ latọdun yii.

    Ninu aye ipilẹ yii, ipilẹ ẹtọ ọmọniyan ni pe ẹnikẹni ko gbọdọ gbe ninu ìṣẹ́, ẹni kan ko si ga ju ẹni kan ninu iyi rẹ lawujọ. Gbogbo orilẹ-ede yoo wa lẹgbẹẹ ara wọn bi irọ ni, ọkan ninu wọn ko si ni i laṣẹ lati ki ẹnu bọ ọrọ oṣelu orilẹ-ede keji koda bi wọn ba pe e pe ko waa da si i.
    Iṣẹ ńla lati sun awọn orilẹ-ede aye kuro nipo to wa yii lọ si ipilẹ wa lọwọ awọn agbaagba orilẹ-ede kọọkan. Awọn ọmọ orilẹ-ede kọọkan ni yoo yan awọn agbaagba wọnyi ki wọn le bu ninu omi ọgbọn gbogbo araalu, ko si le han pe ifẹ araalu ni wọn ń ṣe.

    Eto ijọba ninu aye ipilẹ yii yoo wa lọwọ awọn Agba Ilu ti awọn ọmọ ilu yoo yan lati ri i daju pe akoso ilu ṣe deede pẹlu ifẹ araalu. Ninu igba tuntun to ń bọ yii, akoso ilu ko ni i si lọwọ ọba tabi olorì, ẹgbẹ oṣelu kan ko si ni i le da si i. Ọwọ awọn agbaagba to jẹ aṣoju araalu yii ni akoso ilu yoo wa ti wọn oo si maa fi omi ọgbọn wọn dari ilu. Awọn agbagba yi yatọ si awọn ti a ma yan lati ṣe ijọba. Gbogbo awon eto iselu ti wa ni Abala Keerin. Ki a se ayewo re daradara.

    Awọn iwe ajọsọ tuntun mi-in to jinlẹ ninu eto aye yoo waye lati pe igba ọtun yii wọle. Awọn iwe ajọsọ to faaye gba ajọgbe alaafia, ibọwọ-funra-ẹni, dida ilẹ pada fawọn ọmọ onilẹ, ifopin si aawọ ati ikọja aaye si aala orilẹ-ede mi-in. Gbogbo awọn ajọsọ to wa laaarin awọn orilẹ-ede atọwọda nǹi, awọn ajọsọ to fẹsẹ mulẹ ninu imọ-tara-ẹni-nikan, gbogbo rẹ ni yoo wa sopin latinu oṣu kejila ọdun 2023.
    Ọlọrun mọ pe ọmọ araye ati awọn orilẹ-ede ki i fẹẹ gbọ tabi gba ikilọ, paapaa awọn ikilọ to wa latọdọ Rẹ. Sibẹ, O ṣi ń fi ọrọ ran awọn eeyan si wa pẹlu ireti pe a oo gbọ ikilọ ki awọn ajalu buruku le fo wa da. A ti ri ọṣẹ́ ti ogun ati ìṣẹ́ ń ṣe, ẹda ọwọ eniyan lawọn mejeeji yii.
    Ogun agbọtẹlẹ ki i pa arọ to ba gbọn o. Ẹ jẹ ka tẹti si ohun Ọlọrun.

  • Inspiration for purpose

    Inspiration For Purpose


    This book highlights major challenges and changes young people go through and the need to understanding them to effectively finding solutions to them. It focuses on the need to fulfill purpose and why we go through some challenges to prepare us for the ultimate price which is success.

    And understanding that challenges are one of the major strategies to boost your knowledge, wisdom, and strength. This book, prepares the mind of young people about what to expect in the growth process and having ideas on the best ways to handle them. It gives parents a more realistic explanation to guide their wards to living a better and more fulfilling life.

    It is a growth manual of guidance for everyone. It is a must read

  • Is it the whole Truth?


    “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This book is an Awakening Reform for all mankind to be alive to the abundant love of our Maker, which has been shrouded in constant fear, threats, deception and religious programming. We must be our best selves to freely worship YAH in spirit and in truth. We must not overlook the importance of living a full life of love for self and neighbours, including nature. Instead of bliss, we have been conditioned to live in fear of doom and gloom with groaning frustration ahead. Learn to live in the light of YAH. Be agitated to find the truth and live as free as the Universe intends for humanity.

  • La Restauration du Monde Naturel


    Le livre est une source d’inspiration. Il traite de la décadence de notre monde d’aujourd’hui. Il spécifie des solutions et donne des directives sur la restauration du monde naturel. Le monde qui est rempli de sécurité, de bonheur et de prospérité. Ce livre a été écrit sous la direction de Dieu. La fin du monde “méchant et artificiel” est imminente. Le monde naturel représente le mode d’existence que Dieu a voulu pour nous sur terre. La directive de restaurer le monde naturel a touché tous les aspects de notre vie, ce qui a conduit à la décadence politique, économique et sociale dont le monde a souffert au fil des ans. Ce livre est une lecture incontournable pour les enfants et les adultes.
    De nouveaux accords fondés sur les principes du monde naturel, qui incluent la coexistence pacifique, le respect mutuel, la restitution des terres aux peuples indigènes, la cessation des conflits et des guerres, et le respect des frontières nationales sans exception, devraient être établis pour annoncer l’arrivée d’une nouvelle ère. Dans le monde naturel, la gouvernance sera confiée à des sages, choisis par la volonté des citoyens, qui veilleront à ce que l’administration de chaque nation corresponde directement aux souhaits de la population. Dans cette nouvelle ère, le pouvoir ne sera pas détenu par des rois ou des reines, ni influencé par des partis politiques, mais incarnera les principes de la représentation directe des citoyens et de l’orientation par la sagesse des anciens.

  • My Mission My Vision


    Education is the key to success, agreed. If Education is the key and success is the room, then which is the door? Read
    MY MISSION MY VISION to find this door and many more!
    It is a self development book covering areas such as SELF-IDENTITY, EDUCATION and JOB CREATION that helps the reader to decode his/her talent, fallow his/her dreams and to start his/her own business.

  • Natural World Restoration


    This is an inspirational book written under the guidance of God. The end of the ‘wicked and artificial’ world is imminent. The revelation on Natural World represents the way God intended for our existence on earth. The essence of humanity is to enhance the value of nature, not in terms of money, but to live a life that radiates joy and happiness to all. The organization structure of the Natural world has been highlighted.

    An incomprehensible sense of euphoria accompanies the knowledge of the Natural World. This understanding offers a vision of a joyous world where a quality life is guaranteed, provided that citizens rise to the occasion and adhere to the guidelines presented in this book. I envisage brighter and more civilized societies, free from poverty, enslavement, wars, terrorism, racism, and the many other vices currently plaguing the world.

  • Relationship Therapist


    One of the oldest institution in the human history is marriage. Nobody can underestimate the subject called marriage Within the context of the human existence . Most people do not understand the principles underpinning this special male-female relationship, hence, the struggle with its handling. Marriage is a good thing, the Bible says, though not all are required to marry according to the wisdom of scripture. When an individual desires to marry, wisdom about marriage becomes a necessity. Counsellors, parents, pastors and concerned stakeholders in the society all have tried to build harmonious relationships, yet certain weaknesses remain. In the twenty first century where knowledge can be referenced from many sources including the social media, cultural regulations that provided boundaries for good marriages have been crushed. It is paramount for the human race to re examine our paradigm of philosophies and upgrade to understanding which will ensure fruitful marriages. Most marriages do not commence with seeing families but rather seeing each other, proposing and accepting the request, then you proceed to having a relationship with each other. Indeed, when a relationship is matured, it bears the fruit of being with each other forever, as expected. How to make the best out of these stages to enjoy a successful marriage has become a matter of contention the human race. Several books have been written to explain the concept of love and marriage in order for us to overcome the casualties that individuals experience in marriage. Yet there are still gaps in knowledge that must be filled and this is what this work is intended to do. You will be enlightened about the differences in the nature of male and female. Also the secret knowledge that ensures success in marriage will be revealed. Divorce out of marriage has been a hard bone to comprehend in the religious circles, however, it is explained in this book. This book outlines in simplicity the nuggets of truth in the heart of God that needs to be discovered by all who desires to marry. You will get to know biblical truths you might not have paid attention to before and these truths will transform your relationship or marriage life.

  • The-doctrine-of-spiritual-fatherhood

    The Doctrine of Spiritual Fatherhood


    The idea of children relates to all endeavors of life.
    It does not only concern new human beings born into this world. It captures every newness into a certain environment. When anyone is introduced anew into a certain sphere, that person is considered a child in that sphere. A child because he or she isn’t experienced in the details that make up that sphere.
    When a human being is born fresh into this world, he is considered a child, not only on the grounds of physique but because he is inexperienced in the matters that run this world. That’s why he needs to be taught and guided by other human beings that have experienced many things and learned the lessons that make success. This kind of truth is applicable in all areas of life, including Christianity and walking with God. When you get born again, the Bible calls you, a baby, 1 Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby
    Not only a baby (that’s a child) but that the Bible also acknowledges that you need growth. You grow by words that will be taught by other people who have been in Christianity for a long time and so have experienced how the walk with God is like. Gal 4:1 says an heir before he can walk in the glory of his throne, needs to be matured through the tutelage of guardians and teachers.
    Galatians 4:1 Now I say, That the heir, as long as he is a child, differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all; But is under tutors and governors until the time appointed.
    You can’t grow in Christianity to become the full stature of Christ unless you receive the guidance and teachings of the fathers of Christianity. Fathers are those who have known and walked with Christ for a long time and have gained testimony about their faithfulness to God. There have been fathers from the days of old and this ancient pattern must continue so that giants and mighty generals who stand for the kingdom in power, maturity, and understanding will be raised. You can’t become an apostle or prophet with minimal flaws if you have no father. You must be raised by someone. It is
    evident to find Christians and men of God who had not the ministry of fathers in their lives having many errors, though may be gifted. Many have gone ahead of us in this Holy journey with God and they
    can help us to minimize our errors and maximize our fruitfulness.

  • The Power of Imagination


    In this amazing book THE POWER OF IMAGINATION, ABRHAM AJIBOYE shares the insights and the truth THE HOLY SPIRIT has taught him through the years and have a Better understanding of GOD’s power while you discover. How To use your imagination His testimony. The imagination of our LORD JESUS CHRIS And many more…

  • the power of taking steps

    The Power of Taking Steps


    You cannot fulfill your dreams without making any effort,
    this book will empower you to make courageous decisions to fulfilling your purpose in life without holding back.
    As you read, may you be empowered to conquer that fear and move to your next level in life.

  • walking-in-your-exalted-position

    Walking In Your Exalted Position As a Believer


    Christians, by virtue of our association with Jesus Christ, have been exalted to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places. This position is what I call an “exalted position”. We have been raised together with Jesus to a higher position; we sit together with him in the heavenly places. We must be aware and conscious of this exalted or elevated position so that we can walk in it. Hence the title for this book: “Walking in Your Exalted Position as a Believer”.
    Paradoxically, many believers are ignoramuses so far as their exalted position in Christ is concerned. Such Christians have settled for mediocrity and given up the fight. Ignorance has reduced generals and giants in the Lord to cowards and mediocres who shrink in the face of any challenge instead of rising above their conditions.
    To combat the antagonism and hostility of the world against us, we must be aware of the resources at our disposal. Appropriation of your exalted position in Christ is crucial to your ability to stand in times like these.
    Enclosed herein are the nine (9) elements of the believer’s exalted position in Christ which is received by grace through faith as part of our salvation package and which must be utilized for our benefits.

  • What-is-your-true-identity

    What Is Your True Identity?


    Human identity keeps on changing as a result of the dynamic nature of humankind, society, and the world at large. This identity is informed by our choices. However, every choice we make in life about searching for our true identity, either takes us away from or brings us closer to God. We should
    not forget that our purpose in life is higher and greater than a mere acquisition of luxury. We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.