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  • Beyond Proposing And Accepting


    What is he proposing to her for their marriage?

    What is she accepting to agree to marry him?

    This book is a REFORM that offers contrary prescriptions to usual custom; to challenge you, to change your perception and how you operate, and help you be the best of yourself.

    Ato addresses a mostly overlooked but important aspect of preparing for marriage: the PROPOSAL. Instead of fruitfulness and bliss, a wrong start can spell doom and gloom with frustrations ahead. Learn to do right from the start. There may be no perfect marriages, but yours can work PERFECTLY. In desiring a blissful marriage, this guide inspires a Man to give a detailed proposal to his prospective wife. It inspires a Woman to ‘only accept the proposal that is best for us’ in our intended marriage.

  • Is it the whole Truth?


    “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This book is an Awakening Reform for all mankind to be alive to the abundant love of our Maker, which has been shrouded in constant fear, threats, deception and religious programming. We must be our best selves to freely worship YAH in spirit and in truth. We must not overlook the importance of living a full life of love for self and neighbours, including nature. Instead of bliss, we have been conditioned to live in fear of doom and gloom with groaning frustration ahead. Learn to live in the light of YAH. Be agitated to find the truth and live as free as the Universe intends for humanity.