Develop Your Craft

‘Craft’ is an activity involving a skill that uses the hands (and mind). One definition says ‘craft’ is the skills required for a particular activity. Everyone has a gift or gifts. There is an untapped potential in you. It could be drawing, singing, poetry, writing, etc. Know the keys to developing your craft and be mindful of the hindrances to achieving them. Minister Kofi Adjei makes it simple in guiding you on how you can develop your potentials and ensure a bright future for yourself and humanity.



About author

A minister of the gospel, Kofi Adjei is a servant of Elohim and a disciple of Yeshua. His greatest passion is to see people live out their purpose on earth in Christ; and also to see people living in the perfect will of Yahweh. This is Kofi’s second published book. We can surely expect more from his pen.


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