The Power of Imagination

In this amazing book THE POWER OF IMAGINATION, ABRHAM AJIBOYE shares the insights and the truth THE HOLY SPIRIT has taught him through the years and have a Better understanding of GOD’s power while you discover. How To use your imagination His testimony. The imagination of our LORD JESUS CHRIS And many more…



About author

Abraham Ajiboye is a pastor who completed dominion theological seminary, founder of Loveland Chapel International called and anointed by God

3 reviews for The Power of Imagination

  1. [email protected]

    this ebook made me realized anything we imagine and believed, its has a vast chance of manifestation in our lives. you will learn more Secrets of imagination and how to do it better. its a live changing book. thank you africaread!

  2. Kaakyire Arthur

    I had a problem at work and i didnt know how to face it since i was a new staff but After reading this book, i encouraged myself and had confidence that As i have imagine the situation to be resolved without any consequences, it So happened tht i went to the HR’s ofice and we talked about it. She Passed a comment that this was not an issue at all. What she Didn’t know was that i had read this book and prayed alongside so i knew in my heart that my God had Dealt with the issue on my behalf.

    Glory be to God

  3. emkey54

    The power of Imagination is a very eye-opening book to read. It has changed my perspective on things as a whole and set me on a path to fully realize my imaginative potential. Thank you for putting up such a wonderful piece.

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