Pricing and Author Royalty

At AfricaRead, we prioritize author’s interest. We know fully the role authors play in storytelling, knowledge and information sharing. After case studying pricing and royalty share trends, we came up with a unique payment/royalty policy aimed at giving authors the reward they deserve financially. Read our terms below.

Pricing and Author Royalty

With AfricaRead, authors pay a very minimal fee once in the lifetime of a book to publish on our platform. Below are list of countries and the specified publishing fee.

Publishing Fee
All other African countries
Countries outside Africa

What You Get

Paying the publishing fee comes with the following benefits;


Authors on AfricaRead earn a 100% royalty on every single book sale for the first year of publishing. After your first year with us, you earn 90% royalty on sales. Make sure you take it into account when setting your book price.

Royalty Calculator

Let’s do a simple math; with 1,000 copies of a book priced at $10, sold on both Amazon and AfricaRead. 

— For 1,000 copies sold on AfricaRead (taking into account the publishing fee), you get $8,947.00 as royalty. 

— For same 1,000 copies sold at $10 on a copy on Amazon (no publishing fee), you get $7,000.00 as royalty.
There is a whopping $1,947.00 difference in royalty.
Still not convinced of our pricing profitability? Use the calculator here to estimate how much you stand to earn for your books over the long term.

Royalty Calculator for AfricaRead Publishing

Royalty Calculator

Royalty Calculator for Amazon Publishing

Royalty Calculator- Amazon

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