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One of the oldest institution in the human history is marriage. Nobody can underestimate the subject called marriage Within the context of the human existence . Most people do not understand the principles underpinning this special male-female relationship, hence, the struggle with its handling. Marriage is a good thing, the Bible says, though not all are required to marry according to the wisdom of scripture. When an individual desires to marry, wisdom about marriage becomes a necessity. Counsellors, parents, pastors and concerned stakeholders in the society all have tried to build harmonious relationships, yet certain weaknesses remain. In the twenty first century where knowledge can be referenced from many sources including the social media, cultural regulations that provided boundaries for good marriages have been crushed. It is paramount for the human race to re examine our paradigm of philosophies and upgrade to understanding which will ensure fruitful marriages. Most marriages do not commence with seeing families but rather seeing each other, proposing and accepting the request, then you proceed to having a relationship with each other. Indeed, when a relationship is matured, it bears the fruit of being with each other forever, as expected. How to make the best out of these stages to enjoy a successful marriage has become a matter of contention the human race. Several books have been written to explain the concept of love and marriage in order for us to overcome the casualties that individuals experience in marriage. Yet there are still gaps in knowledge that must be filled and this is what this work is intended to do. You will be enlightened about the differences in the nature of male and female. Also the secret knowledge that ensures success in marriage will be revealed. Divorce out of marriage has been a hard bone to comprehend in the religious circles, however, it is explained in this book. This book outlines in simplicity the nuggets of truth in the heart of God that needs to be discovered by all who desires to marry. You will get to know biblical truths you might not have paid attention to before and these truths will transform your relationship or marriage life.



About author

In every generation, God raises pastors after His own heart who are appointed to represent Him and lead men to have true relationship with Him. Pastor Williams Asante is one of the semen. He has an apostolic mandate to disciple believers to be kingdom influencers in their respective sphere of calling.

Ps. Williams Asante has the unique grace of simplifying hard spiritual mysteries for the grasping of even a babe in Christ. He emphasizes the need for the maturity of the sons of God and the manifestation of the fullness of God within them. His ministry is accompanied with signs, wonders and intense presence of the Holy Spirit that cause his hearers to desire growth. He holds BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology and has been in ministry for more than a decade. He is happily married to Christian a Elikem Williams Asante.


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