Wisdom For Living Devotional

Wisdom is pivotal in the journey of success and in the fulfillment of one’s of destiny

My heart desire is to see as many young people possible pursue wisdom and escape the errors of our fathers. The older men gained wisdom through experience but no longer have enough time to live by it ,On the other hand, The younger generation lacks wisdom but may have some time to change the situation.

Inside every young person is an old person depending on the young person to always do what is right, so the old person can live without regrets. Whatever you are doing today is actually doing something to your future. The FUTURE is not a mystery, The FUTURE is a REPLY!This book will Serve as an inspiration, Instruction and Light unto your path to make the right choices for your life on daily basis

I want to encourage you to give maximum time and attention to reading this book and I know you would be blessed.



About author

Maxwell Owusu-Agyemang is The Founder and the President of Radical Jesus Campaign. Radical Jesus Campaign is an Evangelistic Ministry Focus on Winning Souls and Raising the Next Generation of Evangelists.He is an revivalist ,a Conference speaker and passionate about winning souls and holding crusades in many Regions In Ghana and other African Countries. His messages is centered on Salvation of men , Revival and Prayer. During his National Service at the National Communication Authority The Angel of the lord Appeared to him in his office and said “If Destiny is Delayed ,History Can not be made” that’s how he left his dream as a Banker and enters full time ministry.He is currently pursuing Diploma In Communication Studies in Ghana Institute Of Journalism (GIJ)


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