Inspiration For Purpose

This book highlights major challenges and changes young people go through and the need to understanding them to effectively finding solutions to them. It focuses on the need to fulfill purpose and why we go through some challenges to prepare us for the ultimate price which is success.

And understanding that challenges are one of the major strategies to boost your knowledge, wisdom, and strength. This book, prepares the mind of young people about what to expect in the growth process and having ideas on the best ways to handle them. It gives parents a more realistic explanation to guide their wards to living a better and more fulfilling life.

It is a growth manual of guidance for everyone. It is a must read



About author

Martha Anabila is a young energetic and passionate young lady, who finds fulfillment in volunteerism, advocacy and committing to youth development in all aspects that will produce a positive change in young people and the vulnerable.

She is the founder/C.E.O of the Martha Inspires foundation a youth led organization she started in January 2016. She’s a writer, a youth advocate / coach who’s privileged to mentor young people she comes into contact with. Over the past 5 years she has actively supported in improving literacy among the rural child. She studied business management at the UNIVERSITY OF CAPE, COAST COLLEGE OF DISTANCE EDUCATION (CODE)

Her activities has Increased school enrollment and helped build the self-esteem of young people. She stays in Tamale the northern part of Ghana. She’s also the Executive director of the MARTHA INSPIRES PRODUCTIONS and the host of her own show, THE REFLECTIONS SHOW.

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  1. Martha Anabila (verified owner)

    This is an amazing book especially learning how to quit from addictions and understand my parents. I recommend for all young people.

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