Natural World Restoration

This is an inspirational book written under the guidance of God. The end of the ‘wicked and artificial’ world is imminent. The revelation on Natural World represents the way God intended for our existence on earth. The essence of humanity is to enhance the value of nature, not in terms of money, but to live a life that radiates joy and happiness to all. The organization structure of the Natural world has been highlighted.

An incomprehensible sense of euphoria accompanies the knowledge of the Natural World. This understanding offers a vision of a joyous world where a quality life is guaranteed, provided that citizens rise to the occasion and adhere to the guidelines presented in this book. I envisage brighter and more civilized societies, free from poverty, enslavement, wars, terrorism, racism, and the many other vices currently plaguing the world.



About author

The author over the years has been involved in the struggle for a better world. It is her belief that the present world had been shaped by those who want to continue to oppress and enslave others in their quest for riches and power. She has participated in workshops, seminars, and political debates that can improve the attitudes of governments and the citizens.


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