Beyond Proposing And Accepting

What is he proposing to her for their marriage?

What is she accepting to agree to marry him?

This book is a REFORM that offers contrary prescriptions to usual custom; to challenge you, to change your perception and how you operate, and help you be the best of yourself.

Ato addresses a mostly overlooked but important aspect of preparing for marriage: the PROPOSAL. Instead of fruitfulness and bliss, a wrong start can spell doom and gloom with frustrations ahead. Learn to do right from the start. There may be no perfect marriages, but yours can work PERFECTLY. In desiring a blissful marriage, this guide inspires a Man to give a detailed proposal to his prospective wife. It inspires a Woman to ‘only accept the proposal that is best for us’ in our intended marriage.



About author

A servant of several charms, Ato Kwamina Yawson is a ‘silent journalist’ with an assignment to ‘protect’ the foundation of nations: marriage and family. Ato’s gift and calling is to highlight the need for marriages to be blissful and peaceful. With raw humour, he writes on sensitive subjects. He has a passion for giving love-life counsel and makes indelible impact as an effective speaker at singles and marriage seminars. A father of two; Ato enjoys spending quality time with his family and mentoring young people.


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