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  • The Walk of the Spirit – The Walk...


    Are you hungry for a closer walk with God? If you are, then get ready to explore some new territory that can help lead you to your destination!

  • the walking sermon

    The Walking Sermon


    This book will encourage you to be the best god wants you to be not just by what you say but what you do daily and the kind of life you live daily to teach humanity about Christianity through your lifestyle. Wherever you find yourself.

  • walking-in-your-exalted-position

    Walking In Your Exalted Position As a Believer


    Christians, by virtue of our association with Jesus Christ, have been exalted to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places. This position is what I call an “exalted position”. We have been raised together with Jesus to a higher position; we sit together with him in the heavenly places. We must be aware and conscious of this exalted or elevated position so that we can walk in it. Hence the title for this book: “Walking in Your Exalted Position as a Believer”.
    Paradoxically, many believers are ignoramuses so far as their exalted position in Christ is concerned. Such Christians have settled for mediocrity and given up the fight. Ignorance has reduced generals and giants in the Lord to cowards and mediocres who shrink in the face of any challenge instead of rising above their conditions.
    To combat the antagonism and hostility of the world against us, we must be aware of the resources at our disposal. Appropriation of your exalted position in Christ is crucial to your ability to stand in times like these.
    Enclosed herein are the nine (9) elements of the believer’s exalted position in Christ which is received by grace through faith as part of our salvation package and which must be utilized for our benefits.

  • Welcome To Christ


    Precious saint , It is an honour to welcome you in Christ having been born again. Having received salvation through the gospel of Christ, you have been brought to the family of God. This material in your hands is designed just for you. It will teach you elementary truths concerning the Christian faith. It has been carefully designed to be very concise and handy for you to read through over and over again and if possible memorize. This material will help you begin your walk of faith in Christ. As you study this material, get your notes and Bible ready. Take notes, try to memorize most of the scriptures given. I trust this material although handy and concise will deliver to you a great wealth of information for your days ahead and will go a long way to affect your life in way. I pray that you receive transformation as you diligently study. As the title of this material is, “Welcome to Christ , ” you are indeed welcome to the place called Christ! REV. SAMUEL KWAME SASU 2020

  • What-is-your-true-identity

    What Is Your True Identity?


    Human identity keeps on changing as a result of the dynamic nature of humankind, society, and the world at large. This identity is informed by our choices. However, every choice we make in life about searching for our true identity, either takes us away from or brings us closer to God. We should
    not forget that our purpose in life is higher and greater than a mere acquisition of luxury. We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices.

  • Wisdom For Living Devotional


    Wisdom is pivotal in the journey of success and in the fulfillment of one’s of destiny

    My heart desire is to see as many young people possible pursue wisdom and escape the errors of our fathers. The older men gained wisdom through experience but no longer have enough time to live by it ,On the other hand, The younger generation lacks wisdom but may have some time to change the situation.

    Inside every young person is an old person depending on the young person to always do what is right, so the old person can live without regrets. Whatever you are doing today is actually doing something to your future. The FUTURE is not a mystery, The FUTURE is a REPLY!This book will Serve as an inspiration, Instruction and Light unto your path to make the right choices for your life on daily basis

    I want to encourage you to give maximum time and attention to reading this book and I know you would be blessed.

  • Words of Eternal Life


    God is good, by grace this author came to Christ about thirty two years ago, and for most of the period a leader at church. In leadership, church life had been so active and busy, but strangely not fulfilling. Thank God the Spirit kept urging him on to keep seeking, until he miraculously encountered Jesus – the Truth three years ago, in shocking realization that he had been in the religious wilderness all this while. That, all those seemingly great works, was rather fruitless drudgery. You remember Paul’s own experience? Truthfully, this is where we see bulk of the Christian community.

    Eternal life is to know God, and the Lord Jesus. The Words of Eternal Life Devotional, is to bring you to this knowledge of God and His Son, the Lord Jesus. We are talking about the true New Testament understanding; the truth that sets you free, and the love that compels you to serve God heartily. You can trust that there is nothing like this; encountering truth, it’s the ultimate.

  • You Can Brand Also-cover

    You Can Brand Also


    The process of translating our ideas into brands that attract customers and generate income is something most people don’t know how to do.

    There are so many ideas that never see the light of day. There are many people too, though, filled with vast potentials end up not unleashing much of them. This is due to the lack of knowledge on how to master our ideas and bring it to fruition. The process of translating our ideas into brands that attract customers and generate income is something most people don’t know how to do. That is simply what branding is all about. It is about putting measures in place to distinguish your idea or craft and make it worthy of the attention of your target audience. In this book, you will learn all about branding, how to identify your special ability and how to brand it for the benefit of the world