Words of Eternal Life

God is good, by grace this author came to Christ about thirty two years ago, and for most of the period a leader at church. In leadership, church life had been so active and busy, but strangely not fulfilling. Thank God the Spirit kept urging him on to keep seeking, until he miraculously encountered Jesus – the Truth three years ago, in shocking realization that he had been in the religious wilderness all this while. That, all those seemingly great works, was rather fruitless drudgery. You remember Paul’s own experience? Truthfully, this is where we see bulk of the Christian community.

Eternal life is to know God, and the Lord Jesus. The Words of Eternal Life Devotional, is to bring you to this knowledge of God and His Son, the Lord Jesus. We are talking about the true New Testament understanding; the truth that sets you free, and the love that compels you to serve God heartily. You can trust that there is nothing like this; encountering truth, it’s the ultimate.



About author

Kwaku Nyanteh has been in the trading business all this while, selling computers, their peripherals, and household items. Having encountered truth, the rest, and the joy that comes with it; which really opened his eyes to the religiosity or legalism in the Church, has caused him to resign from all, to preach, teach and impart truth. This, he now believes is the greatest course to live for. He is married to Rita, with six children. He lives in Accra, Ghana.


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