My Mission My Vision

Education is the key to success, agreed. If Education is the key and success is the room, then which is the door? Read
MY MISSION MY VISION to find this door and many more!
It is a self development book covering areas such as SELF-IDENTITY, EDUCATION and JOB CREATION that helps the reader to decode his/her talent, fallow his/her dreams and to start his/her own business.



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About Author

Mr. Yussif Tijani, a student member of the association of certified chartered economists (ACCE) USA, a six months psychology student of UCC, attended elementary school at Tawjeeh Islamic preparatory, Junior high school Imam Seidu Islamic and secondary school at Antoa Senior High School.
He is a self trained motivational speaker, personal development and financial literacy coach.
He is also a writer and an entrepreneur who is currently running the MY MISSION MY VISION TALK SHOW on @nicsmediahub and teaching teachers, students and members of Schools and other institutions in Ghana on self discovery and entrepreneurship.
He has authored books including: my mission my vision, Purity and Muslim Code of Dressing, the road to success among others.
His sole interest is to encourage the youth to identifying their potentials for self development and personal growth so as to achieve their goals in life.
He may only be accused of reading, writing, teaching and public speaking.


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