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Riddles don’t just enhance cognitive development, but also, improve critical

thinking skills. As we all know, critical thinking is very crucial in both academic and

professional settings. This implies, children should be helped to sharpen their memory, right from their early years through out the academic journey, This book containing riddles, and more, gives learners the opportunity to think outside the box to enhance their problem solving ability in creativity and with fun. So, to you the wonderful learners are you ready? Riddle, riddler ” I am a raptor. My sharp vision never fails me. In terms of strength, I am second to none. If you call me the fastest in the sky, I will say you are not far from the truth. But, when you refer to me as the king of ….” Who am I?



About author

Ms. Eunice Aformanor is a teacher, author and poet, and a member of the Ghana Association of Writers. She joined the Ghana Education Service as a professional teacher in 2003. She holds a Master of Arts in E-learning, and a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood, from the University of Ghana, Legon, and the University of Education, Wannabe respectively. Currently, she is a teacher at the Defence Basic School in the 2Garrison Education Unit, Takoradi, in the Western region of Ghana,


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