Laid Off and Crazy Happy: Memoirs of a Houseband

From the Foreword by Patrick Snow:

Laid Off and Crazy Happy, Andy provides you with a practical road map of the lifestyle and the freedom you can experience as a result of becoming a “Houseband.” He will share (with lots of humor), how his life has changed: the simple joys of babysitting his cat, sitting on the roof of his home with his daughter and having amazing conversations, even how to co-exist with hornets as they try to take over your “kingdom”.

But the heart of this little gem is Andy’s ability to have fun – all the time and with everything he does. His ideas on work and play are worth the price of the book alone, and if you make any effort to do the exercises and follow his example you will find that everything you experience will be better, more alive and more enjoyable. This is the key to effectively managing the changes and surprises in your life, and living your life as an art.



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