From Frustration To Freedom

This book answers all the “whys” of school rules and regulations. All the rules you dislike. Early morning roll-calls? Wearing school uniforms? Attending compulsory ‘boring’ lectures? All the haunting presentations? Obeying ‘bully’ teachers or requiring an exeat to visit your own home? Name them!

The reason you dislike these rules so much may be that nobody has ever really told you their relevance to your future. What if I told you that each seeming ‘pointless’ rule is inherently designed to give you the power to succeed in anything you will ever do in life?

And what if I can convince you that the skills and discipline you will get from obeying school rules are the most valuable lifelong treasures school can ever give you?

I can assure you that this book is going to give you a whole new understanding of school rules and regulations.

The day you encounter this book will be the last time you will ever be punished by anyone for disobeying any school rule.

If you’re excited to own your future then let’s dive in!



About author

Ismail O’nea is the author of three best-selling novels and an English textbook for Senior High Schools. He’s also the founder of the O’neaMentorship Hub.

From Frustration To Freedom is the latest addition to his library and the maiden of his self-help books.


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