Your English Matters

In this tour de force, readers will come face to face with common speaking and writing flubs which they unknowingly make in their everyday usage of the English language and make great efforts at fine-tuning their spoken and written English. This book is a product of extensive reading and research, and it is primarily aimed at drawing readers’ attention to very common errors in English plus helping them upscale their knowledge on some acceptable and unacceptable usages in the English language. You just might be surprised at how much information this book will expose you to.



About author

Bridget Esi Amoo is an English language teacher, content/copy editor, and a proofreader. She is an Ahanta who hails from Apowa, a residential town in the Western Region of Ghana. She studied English language at The University of Cape Coast and taught same at Ghana Secondary Technical School (G. S. T. S), where she was the secretary for the Department of Modern Languages and Patron for the Debate, Drama and Poetry Club as well as UCSOND – an NGO.


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