Software and Mind

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Some of the consequences of the mechanistic software myth:

  • The software elites have turned software into a weapon, a means to dominate and control society.
  • We depend more and more on the type of software that demands only trivial skills, so we are prevented from using our minds and expanding our knowledge.
  • The software elites are inducing dependence on inferior, standard systems, and are preventing independent, responsible programming.
  • New software products are installed every year in millions of places without being used, presumably because they are not the “solutions” they were said to be.
  • Software products and innovations are advertised by describing a few successes, which is logically equivalent to lying.
  • Universities are teaching and promoting invalid, pseudoscientific software notions.
  • Less than 1 percent of the programming activities in society represent useful work – work benefiting society in the way the work of doctors does.



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