Surfing the Scriptures

Are you a toe-dipper or a surfer?
Surfers get in amongst the waves. They search for patterns. They do not jump on every passing wave but wait patiently for that ‘Seventh-Wave’ to take them further up the shoreline. They learn the skills of balance and discernment, knowing wrong judgements can trip you into a roll and tumble. When they sting a little from the learning, the pick themselves up to try again. Surfers know if you follow the rules correctly, it is truly possible to stand on water.
Scriptures are out of fashion and favour at the moment, but Scripture-Surfers know they will be back. Scripture-Surfers have seen a pattern that is repeated from Genesis- (the opening chapter), through to Revelation- (the last): The world cries out from chaos; God reminds the world of His contract, (usually through a prophet or preacher). The people agree for a while; then they tear out bits of the contract they do not like. The world declines back into chaos.
Scripture-Surfers have also seen that God’s patience eventually gives way to His justice. From that point on, when the people cry out, the answer comes back:
‘Enough! They have Moses and the prophets let them listen to them.… Even if one should return from the dead they will not repent’.
Luke 16 29-31
Yet even now, if they repent … who knows, He might relent.
Joel 2: 12 -1



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