Fight for Freedom: Black Resistance and Identity

Although there have been a number of studies on Black resistance, very few of these have focused exclusively on such a wide range of resistance campaigns and
strategies within a single volume. One of the central arguments of this study is that from as early as the sixteenth century when Europeans attempted to systematically exploit Africans, Black people have engaged in a variety of organized and sustained resistance campaigns to assert their independence and identity. This book examines some of the different strategies employed by Black people in Africa and the Diaspora in response to European domination and exploitation. Drawing upon research from scholars based at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana and the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, this collection of original essays, covers the academic disciplines of African and Caribbean history, literature, politics, and psychology. Despite these different approaches, the consistent theme throughout centers on the strategies employed by Black people to resist European domination and oppression, by fighting for their freedom at every possible opportunity, whether they were in Africa, Britain, or the Caribbean.



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