Be Balanced.

The world is full of conflicts of ideas, cultures, values, concepts, and philosophies. The Christian finds himself in such a world and is confronted with various forms of conflicts as well as trying to live a fulfilled spiritual life without compromising the standards and principles of Christ. The question is: Are you working for yourself or God? Do you know your assignment or you have buried your talents in the ground? It is time to be balanced to allow God to work in you according to his own will whilst you also do your part. Stop complaining about your challenges – it is all part of the package!!!



About author

Eddie Carboo is an anointed teacher of the Word with great insight and an Evangelist who has a passion for souls and the work of God. He is a Pastor by calling, an Economist by Profession, and a Mathematician by hobby. He has wide experience in church planting. He has taught in several academic institutions and is currently a lecturer at Central University. He hopes to write more books and plant more churches in the near future. He is the Senior Pastor of the Missions Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, Baatsona. He and his wife Florence have three children and live in Accra.


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