The Third Dream

In a society where fixation was the order of the day, and fictions complement true stories, a recurring sickness of a young girl got acute, in the midst of both local and exotic medications. This book unfolds the drama, and fantasies like fear conquering moments on coaster roller situations. Could it actually be the additional ideas that is a tragedy, or escaping the TRADITION that is?



About author

Ms. Eunice Aformanor is a teacher, author and poet; (a member of the Ghana Association of Writers). She joined the Ghana Education Service as a professional  teacher in September, 2003. Currently, she is a facilitator at the Defence Basic School, in the 2Garrison Education Unit, Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. As stories are best told to active listeners, she brings out this one to interact with vou, the young wonderful readers as a dream of keeping books alive. Eunice holds Master of Arts and Bachelor of Education Degrees from the University of Ghana and the University of Education respectively.


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