My Will or God’s Will

Are you eager to know God’s will for every area of your life? Know how to position yourself to manifest God’s promise to you. Surrender to God in all aspects of your life There is no need to be confused about certain prophecies you have received regarding God’s will; Know the common ways God may communicate His mind to you and be mindful of the hindrances to His will for your life. This mini book is simple, as Minister Kofi Adjei gives insights on attaining God’s best for our lives and disarming the enemy’s plans.



About author

Kofi Adjei is a minister of the Gospel; a servant of Elohim and a disciple of Christ. His greatest passion is to see people live out their purpose in Christ. He is eager to see people living in the perfect will of God. This’s Kofi’s first published book and we can surely expect more from his pen.


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