I Tried

Gaawa is a rare genius, born to two outlaws and raised distinctly in Pupul, one of the many slums dotted in the cities of the fictional Bachola. He finds problems with everything around him. Right from his own parent’s penury; the community’s staunch attachment to a religion whose god he believes only punishes the poor for the evils of the rich; the system of education that only educates in order to subjugate, everyone accepting mediocrity as faith. He questions everything including the existence of God.
No school could contain him.
But little does Gaawa know that daring to bring change to the very pillars that hold society would require more than just vociferous arguments. His antagonists would be both nature and man. The true test of Gaawa’s beliefs comes when at the age of 15, he tragically loses both parents in a space of three (3) months and wrongfully gets convicted of murder and sentenced to death two years later. Gaawa is just starting but it seems he is the kind of hero who is born dead.
Does Gaawa’s destiny go beyond the prison walls, or is this the end of a genius notoriously raised to force change? Let’s dig in!



About author

Abubakar Ismail Yusif writes under the pseudonym Ismail O’nea. Born in Gwollu and having spent most of his life in Techiman, O’nea comes to his readers with a vast experience in settler cultures and provides a window to their not so often told stories. A holder of a Diploma certificate and a B.Ed. degree in English from the University of Cape Coast, O’nea has been teaching English Language for many years and is currently a tutor of Literature in English language at his alma mater, Istiqaama Senior High School.
O’nea loves to paint, explore and research migrant literature and art. He is currently pursuing an MPhil in English (Literature) at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). Aside from teaching and writing, O’nea runs a mentorship program called O’neaMentorship Hub for young people. O’nea wishes to turn his living room into a library filled with only his books.


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