The Ghost of Sarey Jane

  1. THE GHOST OF SAREY JANE is a 20th Century Romeo & Juliet tale with a touch of Macbeth and To Kill a Mockingbird.
    The time is 1916. Sarey Jane Munroe, an emotionally and physically abused young girl, lives on a farm in rural Tennessee in the United States. Her only escape is her friendship with Billy Puckett. There’s just one problem – their families have been feuding for generations.
    When Sarey’s father discovers their friendship, he vows to end it…at all costs. Their decision to run away sets in motion a string of consequences that resound for generations to come.
    If you enjoyed “Where the Crawdads Sing,” “Every Bone a Prayer” or novels by Carson McCullers, then you must read THE GHOST OF SAREY JANE.



About author

THE GHOST OF SAREY JANE is Sarah J. Nachin’s debut novel and represents her fourth published work. Her other books are “Ordinary Heroes Anecdotes of Veterans” and “The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel.” Ms. Nachin also collaborated on “The Long Journey” which is published under her co-author’s name, Felicia McCranie.
In addition to writing fiction and non-fiction books, Ms. Nachin is a freelance writer, blogger, public speaker and writers’ consultant.
She recently started her own publishing company, Chamber Court Publishing, to help other writers produce professional-quality books at an affordable price.
To learn more about Ms. Nachin go to You can follow her on Facebook: Sarah J. Nachin, Author or on Twitter: @writernachin.


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