Self-Health On Stress

Stress was one of the major problems I had that caused my cancer deposits and tumor to grow, my daily workload was over whelming, I hardly take my breakfast, I ate junk in the afternoon because of time constraint. I had many patients to attend to after, which I will go for school runs, come back home exhausted yet I had to cook for my family; and, I will definitely eat as late as whatever time because I am dead hungry.

I had no time to take care of myself. Within my crisis, I developed the techniques in this book. Few people if any have ever been fortunate with good health, which – supposedly is our birthright. Because of the on-rush 0f the millennium, everyone wants to acquire money and all the luxuries of life, this have driven man into a frenzy. The need for money to take care of human wants, pay for school fees, house rents, clothing, cars etc, push man into mad rush to ‘meet up’ in the process we fail to replenish the soul and body. This failure to replenish properly brings about great strain that wears away the body’s resistance, because the junk food eaten during the long hours of work lacks proper nourishment. Man has no time to neither, eat, rest, nor have proper night sleep. Stress, palpitation, irritation, nervous tension sets in,

and this shortens the proper life span of man. No man on earth who is easily irritated can have proper

peace of mind, because the mind and brain is always thinking, analyzing, theorizing, speculating, comparing, categorizing, adding and subtracting situations and imagining events with expectations that are far fetched.

The heart, the nerves, the muscles and the central nervous system always are under serious tension, the epidermis of the skin turns hot with internal sweat and the hairs stand erect while the eyes will never know sleep.

This is a serious problem of man called ‘stress’. Modern science called it ‘hypertension’ and turn around

with a baptismal name ‘High Blood Pressure. Stress increases its tempo when expectations seem dim and

dreams seem too far to come true.



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About Author

My name is Dr. Pauline Mawutor Zitolina , a Plant Based Dietician, a motivational Speaker a holistic Naturopath and a Professional Massage Therapist.

I also write songs and I love singing. I have my musical clips and videos on many music digital platforms.

I attended Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri Imo State Nigeria where I did Education, Music and French language as elective.

I also studied Naturopathy with Stonebridge UK.

I am a Professional Massage Therapist-VIVO City Singapore.

I attended The Pan African Institute Ghana where I obtained a certificate in Professional NGO management, Governance and Human resources.

I also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management at Graduate Training Institute Ghana.

I studied gemstone and mediumship with Happy Souls Academy Canada.

I have great love for plant medicine, research and development after my degree program.

I manufacture many health care and skin care products for my personal use and for my patients use.

I have trained many social workers in my training center for my Country and others via

Sparklifeafrica institute also trained many health assistants under plant medicine and Naturopathy, including many massage therapists who are operating their various clinics and massage centers under the supervision and accreditation of TMPC (Traditional Medicine Practices Council) section of Ministry of health Ghana.

I am an author of sixteen (16) books on natural self-health care lifestyle and home remedies, plus a health magazine.

I am working on my second health magazine and a concise handbook on African massage therapy..

My self – health books have assisted millions of people across the world.

Read a copy of them and you will be glad you did.


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