Self-Health On Confidential Tips For Health

There are various tips on health that even though confidentially kept, need to be shown to the public to help abate the high level of ignorance to health in this millennium. People wallow in ignorance abuse and misuse their body continuously and eventually land at the hospital at the mercy of continuous conventional medications for life. Some will end up complaining and accusing whoever come to their mind as the person who cause the sickness, few, if any ever tell himself the truth that he did not take good care of the body, so it’s time for payment. Many people are ignorant of their eating habit, others live the modern man’s lifestyle of western feeding habit of junks, pastries and beverages containing dangerous chemical, which cause severe health hazards in their life.
Some of these people who saved money within their working years end up spending the whole savings from hospital to hospital, struggling to regain their health from chronic illnesses. Even some doctors in various categories of health die in silence, wallow in ignorance to health and lifestyle and die with high class chronic diseases. Some of these doctors who feel that they are ‘Mr. Know All’ live a painful life of service as a doctor while suffering from protracted deadly diseases because most of them refuses to learn from others and does not pay attention to new ways to health. Instead they made health industry a
political regime and cause series of brainwash to the masses…
Man is a problem unto himself! Class indeed creates deadly ignorance to mankind and those that belong to such, suffer in shallow waters.
This is why I decided to put this piece for those who are interested in a change in their lifestyle, you can call it new science, however you view it, realize that each day is learning process no matter your age, class or creed. Help yourself, learn new ways to heath, live by them and experience a blissful disease free old age.
A stitch in time saves nine



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About Author

My name is Dr. Pauline Mawutor Zitolina , a Plant Based Dietician, a motivational Speaker a holistic Naturopath and a Professional Massage Therapist.
I also write songs and I love singing. I have my musical clips and videos on many music digital platforms.
I attended Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri Imo State Nigeria where I did Education, Music and French language as elective.
I also studied Naturopathy with Stonebridge UK.
I am a Professional Massage Therapist-VIVO City Singapore.
I attended The Pan African Institute Ghana where I obtained a certificate in Professional NGO management, Governance and Human resources.
I also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management at Graduate Training Institute Ghana.
I studied gemstone and mediumship with Happy Souls Academy Canada.
I have great love for plant medicine, research and development after my degree program.
I manufacture many health care and skin care products for my personal use and for my patients use.
I have trained many social workers in my training center for my Country and others via
Sparklifeafrica institute also trained many health assistants under plant medicine and Naturopathy, including many massage therapists who are operating their various clinics and massage centers under the supervision and accreditation of TMPC (Traditional Medicine Practices Council) section of Ministry of health Ghana.
I am an author of sixteen (16) books on natural self-health care lifestyle and home remedies, plus a health magazine.
I am working on my second health magazine and a concise handbook on *African massage therapy*..
My self – health books have assisted millions of people across the world.
Read a copy of them and you will be glad you did.


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