Self-Health On Diabetes

Ignorance to eating habit is one of the major causes of myriads of chronic illnesses in the society today amidst the wax and wane of convectional medication and our farm produce.

Consequently, declinity in the fertility of our virgin forests because of continuous application of chemicalized fertilizers and certain mechanized system of farming assists in depreciation of essential

minerals, vitamins and trace elements from food. Constant use of destructive chemicals that cause the growth of cancerous tumors like Aspartame, Benzoic acid and lots of them helps to break down the immune globulins causing system mal-function, water and sugar retention which, under high dose cause the individual to become diabetic. Because of these chemicals, most food crops have lost their original sustaining power to humanity; cross-breed, inter-breed and hybrid of various citrus fruits cause more citric acid formation, which eventually become dangerous to human body system. Some of these fruits and vegetables also lost their tastes, nutritious values and protective potent qualities to humankind as a result of modernization. Citrus fruits containing excess citric acid constitute major causes of arthritis, stiff ball and socket joints, Gout, acid indigestion in people with blood group ‘O’ Spectrum and Parkinson syndrome in blood group ‘A’ people. Humankind became a danger unto itself since the emergence of civilized systems of farming, harvesting and preservation of food crops.

The 21st century health industry is faced with pandemic health hazards containing myriads of chronic illnesses inclined with myriads of baptismal names,- Diabetes, Syphilis, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Leukemia, Osteoporosis, Liver cirrhosis, Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Typhoid and typhus fever, Candidiasis, Infertility, Myocardium, Angina pectoris,Ghonorhicoccus, E.coli, Staphylococcus, Acidosis, Menopause at age 18-30, Low sperm count, Low sexual drive at age 18-25 and all the rest of the ten million chronic illnesses with uncountable phrases of names in the world encyclopedia and ten billion yet undiscovered. I wonder how we can escape this mess.

People strive every day to go scientific amidst all the gadgets made for everyday body test. Yes, it is good to test, but often times, illnesses found after tests not treated, especially when the body has been poorly abused and misused; most times, jargon names given to diseases found are more upsetting than the disease itself and some of the information given to the patient is that such disease is incurable, some will even be poorly informed to their face that death is closer to their doorstep. I wonder where this will land humankind in the next decade.

Emergence of scientific testing machines has instilled gripping fears into our aged parents, some even develop more severe illnesses like high blood pressure and incessant heart beat at the mere mention of going for test. This is where personal care, discipline to eating habit and proper diet cooking comes in, and I keep on repeating it, your health is in your hands.

Diabetes is one of the problematic situations facing

humankind and the brainwash is that it is incurable, A change in lifestyle as proper disciplines to food

components that is highly beneficial to you cuts across diabetic problems. Late night food is a danger,

You are not diabetic, you eat late at night. You may be surprised to hear this but it is true.

During my experiences of diabetes, my sugar level rose to the highest point that each morning, my face, my legs and my eyelids are always swollen. Glucose in my blood stream rose to the point that when I urinate, sugar ants will always fill my rest room, and most often I cannot hold urine.

When I became helpless and fed up with medications, I decided to study and watch situations that heightened my sugar level and each time; I keep record of such food component. I assisted myself using these techniques in this book; perhaps, you may find relief with my little contribution, research, guide, advice and disciplines. Good Luck as you strive to keep a disciplined change in your lifestyle.

Remember a sick man is a crazy confused individual and cannot listen to sermon.

Stitch your life in time to save nine by applying self discipline.

Health and Longevity can never be bought with wealth.



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About Author

My name is Dr. Pauline Mawutor Zitolina , a Plant Based Dietician, a motivational Speaker a holistic Naturopath and a Professional Massage Therapist.

I also write songs and I love singing. I have my musical clips and videos on many music digital platforms.

I attended Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri Imo State Nigeria where I did Education, Music and French language as elective.

I also studied Naturopathy with Stonebridge UK.

I am a Professional Massage Therapist-VIVO City Singapore.

I attended The Pan African Institute Ghana where I obtained a certificate in Professional NGO management, Governance and Human resources.

I also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management at Graduate Training Institute Ghana.

I studied gemstone and mediumship with Happy Souls Academy Canada.

I have great love for plant medicine, research and development after my degree program.

I manufacture many health care and skin care products for my personal use and for my patients use.

I have trained many social workers in my training center for my Country and others via

Sparklifeafrica institute also trained many health assistants under plant medicine and Naturopathy, including many massage therapists who are operating their various clinics and massage centers under the supervision and accreditation of TMPC (Traditional Medicine Practices Council) section of Ministry of health Ghana.

I am an author of sixteen (16) books on natural self-health care lifestyle and home remedies, plus a health magazine.

I am working on my second health magazine and a concise handbook on African massage therapy..

My self – health books have assisted millions of people across the world.

Read a copy of them and you will be glad you did.


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