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  • Alchemy of the Blood Group ‘0’


    Health in the 21st century has taken a new dimension. It is more of eating according to one’s blood group, those food components that match well with your alchemy; your body chemistry. Food that do not clot your blood, stop you from having proper metabolism or form tumors in your system.
    The three major importance of the chemistry of the body is that you must eat, your body must digest the components of your food; your system must have to absorb them for proper use of your tissue repair and you must give back to nature, which is removal of waste by defecating.
    Where any of this is lacking, then the body will start to complain through disharmony in terms of sickness. Some of the signs of system’s disharmony include Constipation, Uric acid formation, Gastritis, Duodenal ulcer, Stomach upset, Intestinal parasites, Severe headache or migraine, Bleeding piles [for people who do not include vegetables or fibers in their diet]
    These mild body disharmonies continues until it forms bigger and chronic diseases that can lower the immune function, increase the volume of the white blood cells as when you have urinary tract infection like; Syphilis or candidacies, Diabetes, Stroke, Tumors of all kinds, Low sexual drive, Impotency in both men and women, to mention few.
    Within all these sicknesses, man has to come to terms with the new trend in the millennium, visit your laboratory, know your blood group, and eat accordingly; those highly beneficial to your system, this way; fifty percent of general body health have been taken care of.
    Good health is not about always drugging the body; it is about attending to the proper need of the body through its signal or language by eating the right diet.
    The right diet is your highly beneficial food.
    Those food components your body can digest and absorb faster so that there is proper utilization of nutrients by the body cells.
    Therefore, it is very important that you listen very carefully to your body’s signal after each meal. Your own signal is very unique, never the same with any other person. No two individuals with the same plate of food get the same body signals, even twins, because of the differences in our body mechanisms.

  • Self-Health On Candidiasis


    What I have shared with you so far in most of my books is new knowledge; some people told me it is new science. Whichever way you look at it, my only reason for taking the pains to note my research down is that you may find yourself in my former shoes.
    Therefore, my little contribution to health in this lifetime, may serve as escape route for you from your chronic health hazards, that of your friends and family; and to help prevent premature death and improve the lifespan of your generation. Fifty percent of this research is my personal health experiences within my time of chronic illnesses; thirty-five percent is extensive research I conducted using my experiences and some of my patients as I work closely with them to get their various body reactions while the rest of the percentage, I learnt from school.
    It has taken me more than twenty-three years of personal research and study to put down my points and to highlight the information to the public. It is not yet a common knowledge and is not yet in
    medical curriculum.
    My books have assisted thousands of people who had the privilege to read any of them; you are also included, no matter your level or profession.
    My motto is touching life and helping the much I can to affect change in the world of health. Health is the beauty of wealth and life, good health cannot be bought with money but with proper disciplines.
    Most chronic diseases seemed impossible to modern medicines because science failed to include the intricate functions of other measures to health, I also think that most professionals in the health sector are not well informed. Most of them are stagnant, does not make new research into health, and sometimes are not interested to learn new findings from colleagues. Some are afraid to move from their comfort zones to new science.
    With the condition of this world at large today in relation to health, the health industry needs to sit up for more and more intensive research into human health. We need to move forward.
    Time changes, the universe changes also the body mechanism of man changes sequel to civilization.
    Ways of farming our crops and methods of preserving them did change tremendously and this has affected the potency of plants nutrient and mineral contents. For this reason, more research into health is very important to assist life. There is always a way out of every odd situation.
    It calls for serious update and education of the people.