Alchemy on the Blood Group ‘B’

Health in the 21st century has taken a new dimension. It is more of eating according to one’s blood group, those food components that match well with your alchemy; your body chemistry. Food that do not clot your blood, stop you from having proper metabolism or form tumors in your system.

The three major importance of the chemistry of the body is that you must eat, your body must digest the

components of your food; your system must have to absorb them for proper use of your tissue repair and you must give back to nature, which is removal of waste by defecating. Where any of this is lacking, then the body will start to complain through disharmony in terms of sickness.

Some of the signs of system’s disharmony includes Constipation, Uric acid formation, Gastritis, Cancer,

Hepatitis B and C, Prostate enlargement, Gout, Osteoporosis, Leukemia, Liver Cirrhosis, Ulcer, Stomach upset, Intestinal parasites, Severe headache or migraine, Stroke and Nervous problems, Bleeding piles [for people who do not include vegetables or fibers in their diet].

These mild body disharmonies continues until it forms bigger and chronic diseases that can lower the

immune function, increase the volume of the white blood cells as when you have urinary tract infection like syphilis or candidacies, Diabetes, stroke, tumors of all kinds, low sexual drive, impotency in both men

and women, to mention few. Within all these sicknesses, man has to come to terms with the new trend in the millennium, visit your laboratory, know your blood group, and eat accordingly; those highly beneficial to your system,

this way; fifty percent of general body health hazards have been taken care of.

Good health is not about always drugging the body; it is about attending to the proper need of the body

through its signal or language by eating the right diet.

The right diet is your highly beneficial food, that which the body digests and absorbs faster so that there is proper utilization of nutrients by the body cells. Therefore, it is very important that you listen very

carefully to your body’s signal after each meal. Your own signal is very unique, never the same with

any other person. No two individuals with the same plate of food get the same body signals, because of

the differences in our body mechanisms. Happiness is an offshoot of a change in lifestyle and

healthy living, which means a disease free life, youthfulness, longevity, joyful old age, healthy generation, healthy lineage and culture.

Bad feeding habit is a danger to both a family and a nation because it is the hallmark of epidemics, high

death rate and short life span. Any family or nation with the right diet experiences a longer life span, less death rate and ripe old age.

Youths of such generation are blessed because they

have access to proper history of their generation and humanity from their healthy old ones, then it is easier to pass records from generation to generation appropriately without misleading the future.

A healthy old age is a blessing. Know your blood group, eat accordingly and enjoy the joy of healthy




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About Author

My name is Dr. Pauline Mawutor Zitolina , a Plant Based Dietician, a motivational Speaker a holistic Naturopath and a Professional Massage Therapist.

I also write songs and I love singing. I have my musical clips and videos on many music digital platforms.

I attended Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri Imo State Nigeria where I did Education, Music and French language as elective.

I also studied Naturopathy with Stonebridge UK.

I am a Professional Massage Therapist-VIVO City Singapore.

I attended The Pan African Institute Ghana where I obtained a certificate in Professional NGO management, Governance and Human resources.

I also obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Strategic Management at Graduate Training Institute Ghana.

I studied gemstone and mediumship with Happy Souls Academy Canada.

I have great love for plant medicine, research and development after my degree program.

I manufacture many health care and skin care products for my personal use and for my patients use.

I have trained many social workers in my training center for my Country and others via

Sparklifeafrica institute also trained many health assistants under plant medicine and Naturopathy, including many massage therapists who are operating their various clinics and massage centers under the supervision and accreditation of TMPC (Traditional Medicine Practices Council) section of Ministry of health Ghana.

I am an author of sixteen (16) books on natural self-health care lifestyle and home remedies, plus a health magazine.

I am working on my second health magazine and a concise handbook on African massage therapy..

My self – health books have assisted millions of people across the world.

Read a copy of them and you will be glad you did.


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