No Taller than My Gun

Kidnapped for his brilliance, a 15-year-old electronics genius must fight as a drone whiz and sea-going pirate to keep his family safe. Can he escape and also free his twin sister from the clutches of a major sex-trafficker?
Earlier Lemba worked as an Internet guy in the mega-city of Kinshasa, while the gifted sister aspired to be a rumba star. But murderous gun-worshippers chloroformed him and whisked him away. Now, to save his mother and father from a machete blade, Lemba must fight for the wrong side.
The crazies know exactly where his parents and dog live. Leading his captors, the thuggish Congolese Purification Army, is a seven-foot-tall whackjob–all too handy with an AK-47 and oversized blades.
A riveting, inspirational novel, a young adult military thriller for older readers, too.




David H. Rothman, a former poverty beat reporter, is best known for the ebook site and his library advocacy. In another incarnation, he helped Arthur C. Clarke and MGM/UA director Peter Hyams set up a trans-Pacific modem connection for the scriptwriting of the movie 2010. He has long been interested in the technological side of international development.
But how does a pale-skinned white guy in Alexandria, Virginia, get inside the head of a genius child soldier in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Through Lemba’s tech side, of course. David had help from another technology fan, Junior Boweya in Kinshasa, a translator, software-localization expert, and businessman who fact-checked Gun and otherwise offered an invaluable Congolese perspective. So did the activist Jean Félix Mwema Ngandu, a former Mandela fellow.
David is also the author of six tech-related books and a Washington novel, The Solomon Scandals, which the Washington City Paper praised for the same dark zeal Hammett held for Frisco or Chandler had for Los Angeles.
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