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  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


    Sent to investigate mysterious encounters that are disrupting international shipping, Professor Aronnax, his servant Conseil, and disgruntled harpooner Ned Land are captured when their frigate is sunk during an encounter with the “monster.” The submarine Nautilus and its eccentric Captain Nemo afford the professor and his companions endless fascination and danger as they’re swept along on a yearlong undersea voyage.

  • A Tale of Two Cities


    Sidney Carton is almost the only case in which Dickens has drawn a hero on the true heroic scale, and his famous act of self-sacrifice is unmatched in fiction. The book must be ranked very high among the great tragedies in literature.

  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

    Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


    The drifting journey of Huck and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, down the Mississippi River on their raft may be one of the most enduring images of escape and freedom in all of American literature. Although the society it satirized was already history at the time of publication, the book was quite controversial, and has remained so to this day.

  • Alien Pets


    Life gets weird when you’re adopted by an alien. One million years in the future, young human Antaska and her psychic cat are adopted as pets by a gigantic alien. Traveling in outer space, she becomes telepathic in a world where that’s dangerous. Then she gets into a love triangle that’s even more dangerous. Her cat tries to tell Antaska what she’s doing wrong, but will she listen?

  • Dark Betrayal


    Brenna yearns to follow her brother to the states. Suddenly her dreams seem within her reach. But what happens when dreams turn to nightmares?

    Prequel novella to highly acclaimed romantic thriller novel, Dark Secrets.

    Praise for Dark Secrets:

    “A fantastic riveting read.” Russell James

    “Had me addicted from the first chapter and couldn’t put it down!” Lozzag

    “A fantastic debut novel. If you love a fast paced read that is both unpredictable and engrossing this book is for you.” Juicy Books​

    “Gripping, amazing, raunchy, nail biting thriller. Couldn’t put it down but didn’t want it to end.” Nat Worth

    “It was very well written and the story flowed in a manner that never left me bored and ever eager to turn the next page.”

    Synopsis of Dark Betrayal:
    Brenna Monaghan is unhappy with her life.
    He mother is emotionally abusive.
    Her stepfather gives her the creeps.
    Her beloved brother is on the other side of the world.
    She is amazed when she is singled out for a modelling opportunity and transported on a glittering path to fame and fortune.
    However, is everything really as it seems?

  • Footprints in Concrete


    Footprints in Concrete is a Christian based South African short story of a young boy and his mother in the apartheid era, who turned to crime due to his circumstances and pain.

  • God Is Missing


    A must read tragic fiction of a heroine founded on real-life issues, principles and concepts. Cascading a plot well woven with the twist of suspense so captivating right from the beginning as though one is spellbound to walk the tragic countryside path with her to the end.

  • God, were you pleased? (Memoir of a Zongo...


    God, were you pleased? (Memoir of a Zongo boy) Is a tragic political satire that stars Gaawa a rare genius, born to two outlaws and raised distinctly in Zongo, one of the backward slums of Bachola. Gaawa sees problem with everything around him – right from his own parents’ penury; the community’s staunch attachment to a religion whose god he believes only punishes the poor for the wrong of the rich; the system of education that only educates in order to subjugate; to everyone accepting mediocrity as faith. He questions everything including the existence of God. In fact his problem is with the entire 21st century civilization. No school could contain him.
    But little did Gaawa know that daring to bring change to the very philosophy that birthed society requires more than just vociferous arguments. His antagonists would be both nature and man. The true test of his beliefs comes when at the age of 15, he tragically loses both parents in a space of 3 months and wrongfully gets convicted of murder and sentenced to death two years after. Gaawa is just starting but it seems he is the kind of hero that is born dead.
    Is this the end of a genius who was notoriously raised to force change or his destiny transcends the prison walls? Let’s dig in!

  • Loved


    Book Synopsis

    Amara is a beautiful, smart, young woman. Being highly sought-after, she enjoys a life she tags deluxe. When pregnancy knocks on her door at thirty-two years of age, her horizon widens, and she realises love has multiple definitions. What is it to love? What is it to be loved? What definition of love is true? Find out in this inspiring book, LOVED.

  • Mended Wings

    Mended Wings


    Book Synopsis

    Ella Jacobs is an enchanting woman in her late twenties. She is a devoted believer, an icon in her church and a role model to hundreds of sisters.

    Joel Mason is a handsome, promising young man, the kind that steals women’s hearts in half a second. He’s a believer, a seasoned preacher, and a sought-after song minister.

    Kunle Adedoyin is a plain young man, who has the support of Ella’s aunt, desiring a lasting relationship with Ella.

    Caught between Kunle, who is tenaciously in love with her, and Joel, the man of her dreams, Ella must choose a life partner.



    Sepheo sa ka mona ke ngola lipale tse monate, tse ka hlabollang,
    tse rutang le ho hlokomelisa motho ka lintho tse ling tseo
    mohlomong a ka nahanang hore ha se li ‘nete. Ke motho ea ratang
    ho qoqela batho lipale tse monate, le ho liqapa, kebe ke li behe ka
    tsela eo motho a kekeng a batla ho tloha pelaka, ka Sesotho se
    monate se nang le tlotlo-ntsoe. Morero entse e le ho boloka puo
    ho isa molokong otlang.
    Buka ena ke ea lipale-khutšoe, tseo tsona li tšetseng litaba tsa
    lerato le tebileng, lithloriso tse bohloko-hloko, ho lahleheloa ke
    tšepo, mahlomola a bophelo, bohloko ba lefu, bohloko ba ho hloka
    batsoali, ho lahloa ke beng ka oena, le litaba tse ling tse monate
    tseo ‘mali aka thabelang ho li utloa ka leleme la Sesotho. Ho
    boetse hona le litaba tseo Basotho ba tummeng ka tsona tseo ha
    ngata ho sa buoeng ka tsona eleng boloi, lithokolosi le ho hlorisa
    batho ba boloi leho sebelisa liphoofolo le linonyana ho loea.

  • no roses for Sharon

    No Roses for Sharon


    Jabez and Sharon start off as childhood friends. As they grow up Sharon becomes a beautiful young lady with whom Jabez falls madly in love. Just when he decides to propose love to her, a much sought-after young doctor comes in to sweep her off her feet leaving Jabez shattered. No amount of pleading influences Sharon whose mind is made up as she sees in the young doctor her only door to fame and luxury.
    Jabez, seeing Sharon’s attraction to the doctor, decides to pursue a course in medicine solely to win her over. He goes to Canada to pursue his dream and Sharon’s marriage to the young doctor ends in disaster. She moves to the city to work as a model and enters into another ill-fated relationship. Frustrated, Sharon turns her attention back to Jabez, the man she is finally convinced will always be there for her.
    Jabez’ mother is determined her son will not marry Sharon, the gold digger, and finds a beautiful, soft-spoken undergraduate for him. Will Jabez forget entirely about his childhood sweetheart with whom he had shared the joys and pains of life or will he succumb to his mother’s pressure and the impeccable character and great beauty of his mother’s choice?

  • No Taller Than My Gun

    No Taller than My Gun


    Kidnapped for his brilliance, a 15-year-old electronics genius must fight as a drone whiz and sea-going pirate to keep his family safe. Can he escape and also free his twin sister from the clutches of a major sex-trafficker?
    Earlier Lemba worked as an Internet guy in the mega-city of Kinshasa, while the gifted sister aspired to be a rumba star. But murderous gun-worshippers chloroformed him and whisked him away. Now, to save his mother and father from a machete blade, Lemba must fight for the wrong side.
    The crazies know exactly where his parents and dog live. Leading his captors, the thuggish Congolese Purification Army, is a seven-foot-tall whackjob–all too handy with an AK-47 and oversized blades.
    A riveting, inspirational novel, a young adult military thriller for older readers, too.

  • Robinson Crusoe


    Sometimes considered to be the first novel in English, this book is a fictional autobiography of a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near Venezuela.

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

    The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


    “A young boy grows up in the antebellum South on the Mississippi River in the town of St. Petersberg, based on the town of Hannibal, Missouri.”

    to him seemed hollow, and existence but a burden. Sighing, he dipped his brush and passed it along the topmost plank; repeated the operation; did it again; compared the insignificant whitewashed streak with the far-reaching continent of unwhitewashed fence, and sat down on a tree-box discouraged. Jim came skipping out at the gate with a tin pail, and singing Buffalo Gals. Bringing water from the town pump had always been hateful work in Tom’s eyes, before, but now it did not strike him so. He remembered that there was company at the pump. White, mulatto, and negro boys and girls were always there waiting their turns, resting, trading playthings, quarrelling, fighting, skylarking.

  • The count of monte cristo

    The Count of Monte Cristo


    A classic adventure novel, often considered Dumas’ best work, and frequently included on lists of the best novels of all time. Completed in 1844, and released as an 18-part series over the next two years, Dumas collaborated with other authors throughout. The story takes place in France, Italy, and the Mediterranean from the end of the rule of Napoleon I through the reign of Louis-Philippe.