Is it the whole Truth?

“Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” This book is an Awakening Reform for all mankind to be alive to the abundant love of our Maker, which has been shrouded in constant fear, threats, deception and religious programming. We must be our best selves to freely worship YAH in spirit and in truth. We must not overlook the importance of living a full life of love for self and neighbours, including nature. Instead of bliss, we have been conditioned to live in fear of doom and gloom with groaning frustration ahead. Learn to live in the light of YAH. Be agitated to find the truth and live as free as the Universe intends for humanity.



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About Author

A servant of several charms, Ato Kwamina Yawson is a ‘silent journalist’ who has an assignment to open Readers’ minds to some hidden truth for ages. With some humour, Ato usually writes on ‘controversial’ and sensitive issues that provoke healthy debates. A father of two; Ato enjoys spending quality time with his family and mentoring young people.

1 review for Is it the whole Truth?


    if you really want to know the truth, read a true book. this book really contains the truth. reading and consulting the bible make you understand so well. thank you africaread.

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