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KNOW GHANA BETTER is a solely research-oriented book that documented all the oral histories in Ghana. It is not just about Ghanaian oral history but also about Ghanaian linguistics. The book discusses into details, the histories of all the ethnic groups in Ghana, the well-known and not so well-known.
The book is as a result of passion and love for the country Ghana taking into consideration the travelling of a 14year old just trying to ensure that the histories of his country are well laid. The research lasted for a 12 year period and this is still the first edition of the book.
The book covers the circles of Pan-Africanism, Linguistics of Ghana and Africa, cultural and heritage studies of Ghana. No part of Ghanaian history was not covered from oral histories of all the over 78 tribes in Ghana, 9 ethnic groups in Ghana, their festivals, tourism potentials, food, etc.
If you have been wondering about where your tribe comes from or the origin behind your community name, then this is the book to read.
The production of this book had the support of the Bureau of Ghana Languages, few historians within the Institute of African Studies, UG and beyond



About author

The Author of this book Huniah Tetteh, is born to the late Theophilus Tetteh and Madam Edith Borteley Teiman.
The Author is a fully bred science student who developed the love for languages solely out of passion. The Author currently stands at being able to speak about 24 languages and still counting.
The author has a passion for travelling and seeing the languages of Ghana both minor and major finally documented.
The author is the director and producer of these Youtube channels
@YOUR HIGHNESS TV (for the study of Ga and Dangme languages)

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  1. Samuel Aboagye

    This is a great compilation Of history and languages.

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