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  • 100 Moral Stories

    100 Moral Stories


    No matter how diverse we may be as human beings, no matter how our individual backgrounds may differ, or how accomplished we may be, moral stories inspire us to ponder and touch our lives in different ways. Through stories which are in essence a narration of historical events, not only do we get pleasure, but we are also inspired, become hopeful, get strength and learn to recognize our own strengths and shortcomings.

  • Beauty and the Beast


    True love blooms in this three-dimensional adaptation of a beloved fairy tale. Amazing paper structures and classically styled artwork lead readers through a magical tale. Magnificent pop-ups of a life-like Beast, a mysterious castle and a spectacular rose garden make this all-new pop-up masterpiece a must-have for your family’s library.

  • Como Ser Un Hombre Negro Exitoso


    Cómo ser un hombre negro exitoso comparte los inicios de la trayectoria para aprender más sobre la gloriosa historia del valle del Nilo, Kemet y Kush e incorporar la enseñanza de la historia africana antigua compartiendo por las enseñanzas de los ya fallecidos Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, y Yosef Ben Jochannan. Sus obras literarias académicas sobre el origen africano y la historia de la espiritualidad, la sociedad y la cultura han sido inspiradores en mi éxito y conocimiento de mí mismo. Las enseñanzas académicas de Jabari y Anika Osaze con el Santuario de MAAT por su trabajo en la reconstrucción del legado kemético tambiénhan sido muy importante.

  • From Frustration To Freedom


    This book answers all the “whys” of school rules and regulations. All the rules you dislike. Early morning roll-calls? Wearing school uniforms? Attending compulsory ‘boring’ lectures? All the haunting presentations? Obeying ‘bully’ teachers or requiring an exeat to visit your own home? Name them!

    The reason you dislike these rules so much may be that nobody has ever really told you their relevance to your future. What if I told you that each seeming ‘pointless’ rule is inherently designed to give you the power to succeed in anything you will ever do in life?

    And what if I can convince you that the skills and discipline you will get from obeying school rules are the most valuable lifelong treasures school can ever give you?

    I can assure you that this book is going to give you a whole new understanding of school rules and regulations.

    The day you encounter this book will be the last time you will ever be punished by anyone for disobeying any school rule.

    If you’re excited to own your future then let’s dive in!

  • Fun Recipes for Kids


    Over 120 delicious recipes to keep your kids happy! Great recipes you can use for parties, great for any time – and the kids will enjoy helping you mix up this fun food too!

    While these recipes are intended for adults to make for children, kids may of course help prepare and assemble ingredients. In all cases, food preparation should be supervised by an adult. All heating and cooking should be performed by adults only. Please ensure you observe basic hygiene procedures and take special care when working with raw ingredients such as eggs and chicken. These recipes are intended as guides and suggestions only.

  • Harry McHairy and the Big Blue Monster

    Harry McHairy and the Big Blue Monster


    Harry McHairy is a little boy who has a birth defect. he is made fun of all the time. He eventually turns out to be the one who can save all the kids in his town; including the ones who made fun of him. with Harry in town, the big blue monster has no chance !

  • Child Learn Math

    Help Your Child Learn Math


    All children have two wonderful resources for learning — imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can awaken your children to the joy of learning by encouraging their imagination and curiosity.

    This ebook is intended to help you make the most of your child’s natural curiosity. Teaching and learning are not mysteries that can only happen in school. They also happen when parents and children do simple things together…

  • How to be a Successful Black Man


    This book educates and empowers young boys and men of African descendant about their history, heritage and legacy. Dr. Laroche connects history to the present-day life experiences and challenges of the Black Man to instill self-confidence and personal growth to succeed.
    How to Be a Successful Black Man shares the beginnings of the journey to learn more about the glorious history of the Nile Valley, Kemet and Kush and incorporate the teaching of Ancient African History sharing the teachings of the late Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, the late Dr. John Henrik Clarke, and the late Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan. Their many scholarly literary works on the African origin and history of spirituality, science, culture. The book provides many pearls for success and achievement and what pitfalls to avoid. The book provides a great opportunity for serious discussion and further development for the youth, young adults and families.

  • Just Because: The Story of Salvation for Children

    Just Because: The Story of Salvation for Children


    Just Because takes children on an exciting journey through the Bible as a continous story. Children see the biblical characters come alive, and anticipate with excitment the coming of Jesus to ‘crush the serpent’s head’ as Satan tries to discover His identity. Each chapter takes about twenty minites to read and ends with a short biblical lesson. Kids love it.

  • Laid Off and Crazy Happy: Memoirs of a...


    From the Foreword by Patrick Snow:

    Laid Off and Crazy Happy, Andy provides you with a practical road map of the lifestyle and the freedom you can experience as a result of becoming a “Houseband.” He will share (with lots of humor), how his life has changed: the simple joys of babysitting his cat, sitting on the roof of his home with his daughter and having amazing conversations, even how to co-exist with hornets as they try to take over your “kingdom”.

    But the heart of this little gem is Andy’s ability to have fun – all the time and with everything he does. His ideas on work and play are worth the price of the book alone, and if you make any effort to do the exercises and follow his example you will find that everything you experience will be better, more alive and more enjoyable. This is the key to effectively managing the changes and surprises in your life, and living your life as an art.

  • Memories from an African Childhood


    Memories from an African Childhood is a book comprised of the author’s memories around his life growing up in Tanzania. Initially intended as a private journal for the author and his family, it became evident that the emotions that span his childhood are not unique to growing up in Africa. Hence the author decided to share his trip down memory lane hoping that his recollections would help the reader recall their own story. It is the author’s aspiration that this book can help illustrate that despite all the forces that are determined to pit people against each other (religious, economic, political, cultural etc.), we are all more similar than we think. We all experience joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain – and our childhood shapes us to become the people we are.
    What realizations will the reader discover about themselves? How has YOUR story made you who you are?

  • Booger goes to the Woods

    Mr Booger goes to the Woods


    Mr Booger is a delightful and funny bedtime story for young children aged 2-6.

    In this story Mr Booger goes to the woods and meets a lot of different animals on his way.

    Created by Erwin Brunsveld, who told Mr Booger adventures to his eldest son Eddy. Also Danny, his second son was raised with Mr Booger. When Erwin’s little girl was born in 2004 Mr Booger was reintroduced to the family. Mr Booger experiences all sorts of adventures that Rebecca often encountered during the day. Going to bed is always a little happier with Mr Booger!

  • On-Arabas-shoulder cover photo

    On Araba’s Shoulder


    Araba is a single mother, who bears the weight of her family on her shoulder. Despite the countless challenges she faces, she selflessly cares for her loved ones including her sick brother. But how long can she sustain caring for her family’s needs while her own strength begins to fade?

  • Sesiu sa mantsoe a sesotho

    Sesiu sa mantsoe a sesotho


    Sesiu sa mantsoe a sesotho ke buka-ntsoe ea Sesotho ea machaba. E fana ka matla le kakaretso ea tlotlo-ntsoe ea bophelo ba letsatsi le letsatsi ea mantsoe, lipoleloana, maele le mantsoe a ka holimo ho 260 000. Tlhaloso ea oona le (pitsetso) tsela eo a bitsoang ka teng. Sena ke keta-pele ea lingoloa tse nang le boleng bo holimo haholo puong ea Sesotho.

  • Special in Nature

    Special in Nature


    Riddles don’t just enhance cognitive development, but also, improve critical

    thinking skills. As we all know, critical thinking is very crucial in both academic and

    professional settings. This implies, children should be helped to sharpen their memory, right from their early years through out the academic journey, This book containing riddles, and more, gives learners the opportunity to think outside the box to enhance their problem solving ability in creativity and with fun. So, to you the wonderful learners are you ready? Riddle, riddler ” I am a raptor. My sharp vision never fails me. In terms of strength, I am second to none. If you call me the fastest in the sky, I will say you are not far from the truth. But, when you refer to me as the king of ….” Who am I?

  • The Lazy Cockerel


    A delightful book for reading to young children or for you to print on your home printer for children to read themselves.

    The sad tale of Charlie a Cockerel who lives on Ten Acre Farm. He spends his days daydreaming of what he could have been and not what he is.

    He is very lazy and fails to do his work on the farm which is to awaken the Farmer and all of the other animals as dawn breaks. Read of his adventure when his ‘big idea’ doesn’t exactly turn out the way he had hoped!